Office of International Affairs


We are focused on cooperation for peaceful coexistence and mutual benefit; meeting international demand for the University’s expertise in research and education; and fulfilling the civic mission of McMaster University.

  • Peter Mascher

    Peter Mascher Ph.D. FCAE, P.Eng.

    Associate Vice-President, International Affairs

  • Ni Jadon

    Ni Jadon

    Senior Project Manager & International Liaison Officer

  • May Zhai

    May Zhai

    Program Manager / Summer ESL Program

  • Tania Hakim

    Tania Hakim

    Project Officer / International Project Development

  • Paul Leegsma

    Paul Leegsma

    Project Officer / International Project Development & Summer ESL Program

  • Joanne Squires

    Joanne Squires

    Executive Assistant